The EMBA lasts four (4) academic semesters.

The program schedule is designed for busy professionals based on their demanding needs, helping them to balance career, rigorous coursework and personal life.


In this context, the courses are usually offered every two weeks, Friday 17: 00-21: 00 and Saturday 10: 00-16: 00.


Preparatory-optional-elective courses are offered in September every Friday and Saturday, during the same hours.

All courses of the program are offered generally in Greek language, mainly from English bibliography and last 30 hours, except from the preparatory courses that last 10 hours each and the elective courses that last 20 hours.

Summer Courses

Summer courses of two electives (8 days x 5 = 40 hours) are offered starting early July, in a place out of Athens.

Study Completion

Student are required to complete their studies (including the submission of their thesis) within the typical indicated period (4 semesters) and not later than the time specified in regulation. Specific exception to extend their typical program duration can only be made by the program Coordinating Committee due to really serious reasons.

Studies Suspension

In exceptional cases studying may be suspended until 12 months by decision of Special General Assembly (Law 3685, Article 6D)