The experience of the Executive MBA is not limited to a complete and modern curriculum based on the current needs of the economy and business. It extends to teamwork and cooperation between students, the exchange of views, ideas and experiences and also to the creation of knowledge that will be an important asset to the graduates’ professional development.

The participants in the EMBA program come from diverse industries, functions, and academic backgrounds. The educational process encourages teamwork and also the close cooperation with international and Greek companies. The program offers company visits, educational journeys and other events, like the active alumni association that remains alongside the students throughout their professional path. These elements contribute to students’ personal development and improvement.


The Executive MBA is organizing a series of events for both students and graduates, offering the possibility of continuous updating and networking with managers of various sectors from the Greek and International market.

In early July of each year summer courses with two electives (8 days x 5=40hours) take place outside of Athens for ten days with distinguished professors as guests from cooperating international universities.

International Experience

The International Executive MBA Program includes educational trips to top international universities, offering students the chance to experience well known cities and international Enterprises, institutions and organizations and to network with managers from international market.

Photos from Educational Trips, Events & Company Visits