Every year and for every EMBA series, the Coordinating Committee (CC) suggests and the Special General Assembly of the Department of Business Administration approves a three member Candidates Evaluation Committee (CEC) which consists by members of the Academic and Research Faculty of the Department teaching in the Program.

3 Phases Evaluation Process

1. Pre-selection

Applications are reviewed and all supporting documents are checked. If there is even one of the required documents missing or if one of them is not adequate or valid, the application is rejected after the candidate is notified.

2. CEC Evaluation

Applications are evaluated by the Candidates Evaluation Committee (CEC) and ranked up to 100 according to a series of criteria that are weighted based on weighting factor. These criteria with the corresponding factors are the following:

1 First Bachelor Degree with weighting factor 3
2 Science Field* with weighting factor 1
3 Other degree with weighting factor 1
4 Masters Degree with weighting factor 1
5 Professional Experience** after obtaining the first degree (numbered in years) with weighting factor 3
6 Letters of Recommendation with weighting factor 1

* Especially for the Science Field

Managerial-Financial                                10 points

Science                                                         7 points

Others                                                           5 points

** Especially for the Professional Experience

3-5 years                                                      8 points

5-8 years                                                      9 points

8 and more                                                10 points

The total points from the second evaluation phase are up to 100 with weighting factor in the final grade equal to 60%.

3. Interview

Candidates are invited to interview with CEC members based on the second phase candidates ranking.

From the combined score of the second and third phases of evaluation CEC decides on the first 60 candidates who are accepted to the program and another reserve list of finalist listed by grading.

Successful candidates are advised of the final decision on their application by email and telephone and are invited to respond by fax or e-mail within 5 working days whether they accept or not to attend EMBA. The candidates that accept the offer are required within the 5 working days to deposit the amount of 1.000 Euros, which is an offset of the total fees of the 1st semester (2.200 Euros).

Non Reply & Non Payment

If a selected candidate does not respond and if the above amount is not paid in advance then this equals to a denial of acceptance

If there are denials, the Secretariat informs the next candidates of the reserve list.

The final successful candidates ranking is validated by the Special General Assembly (SGA) (Operating Regulation of University of Piraeus).

Acceptance & Non-Registration

Students who initially accepted the offer and eventually are not registered, for objective or personal reasons, cannot ask for a refund of the subscription fee (ie the amount of 1,000 Euros).

Evaluation scores and details are marked in the candidates’ evaluation form which is accompanied by the candidate’s file and it remains in the records of EMBA for five years if the candidate is not eventually selected.