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Why you should choose the Executive MBA

  • Unique Learning Experience
  • Recognition
  • Teamwork
  • Extraversion
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  • Immediacy

There is much more to the Executive MBA program than what I initially expected because it has been more than an educational experience. It has been a leadership training, a personal growth and a professional development experience as well. The curriculum is challenging, but the courses are planned with the busy executive in mind. There is no doubt that my studies at the Executive MBA program of University of Piraeus have contributed significantly to raising my professional profile.

Matoula Vasardani
Client Management Team Coordinator, Private Banking, Credit Suisse, Switzerland

The EMBA of the University of Piraeus in addition to being a recognized postgraduate degree program, it is also a valuable tool for our entire professional path. Its’ success is due to the fact that attracts managers with significant professional experience and helps graduates to understand further and broadly the way of running a business: how it is organized, how it is structured, how it is managed. The major courses of the curriculum are anyhow indicated: structure of a company, strategy, corporate culture, ethics, marketing, accounting, finance, human resource management, management of information systems and the operation of international markets.
Moreover, the program remains flexible and extroverted, since beyond the basic core curriculum of the EMBA, selection of elective courses according to the students’ interests and participation in educational activities beyond the narrow framework of the “classroom” is provided. An important part of this extraversion are visiting and training seminars at Northwestern University of Chicago and Loyola University of Chicago.
The EMBA helps in team work and enhancing network. Moreover, the interacting between classmates, exchanging experiences and analyzing various case studies play a really crucial role. At the same time, it focuses on insight, flexibility and lifelong education, basic characteristics in a world where everything changes so quickly. This specific curriculum is an investment and a benchmark for those seeking professional development, making steady steps forward and enriching existing experience and knowledge.

Andreas Fousteris
Financial Division, A.Manager, Piraeus Bank, 9th Series Graduate

The MBA for executives is designed for employees with work experience and desire to enrich their knowledge through real cases. It achieves not only to bring creatively practical examples from the entire spectrum of business, but it also makes students to play a role in specific operational and business situations and become decision makers within the faceted reality of modern enterprises. In addition, the faculty of the program is distinguished by its intense interest both to attract more competitive candidates who are often asked to cooperate and also for their continuous development, which is not limited to the educational program.

Panos Lolos
Commercial Director, HALCOR, 4th Series Graduate

The Executive MBA was a milestone in my professional career. The combination of academic knowledge with realistic business cases, the high quality, experience and expertise of the faculty and the interaction with successful and ambitious professionals-classmates equip students with all the necessary skills to become a modern manager. Leadership, collaborative, strategic thinking, discipline and confidence are just some of the elements that students develop through this program. It’s a fantastic life experience! “Sky is the limit”!

Stavros Georgakopoulos
Customer Team Logistics Manager South East Europe, Customer Planning Manager Greece, Procter & Gamble Hellas Ltd., 7th Series Graduate

The EMBA has given another dimension to my degree in Agriculture and my working experience, helping me to understand all the functions of a business, such as HR, Operations and Accounting. The combination of my fellow students who came from various different sectors and the high level of the faculty gave me a new way of thinking and a different framework for facing the challenges in a business. It was an unforgettable experience that has certainly contributed to a my career development.

Vasiliki Damalou
Commercial Head, Roza Hassad Qatar, 7TH Series Graduate

I chose the EMBA program because of the high level of knowledge provided and the very well organized program. I had to deal with students who were working in various sectors and therefore there was a strong and productive exchange of views in accordance with professional and individual experiences of each one of my fellow students. There was a totally friendly environment and an excellent cooperation with the faculty, which has continued after my graduation. At the same time, due to work commitments, the venue of the courses and my working hours fitted perfectly.

Kostas Kakaris
Regional Marketing Manager for Switzerland & Italy, GAC, 7th Series Graduate