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A Few Words About the Executive MBA

Executive MBA was established in 2003 and is one of the oldest executive MBA programs in Greece with a fine tradition and a reputation for quality.

The program lasts four semesters and the schedule is designed for busy professionals based on their demanding needs. In this context, the courses are mainly every two weeks, Friday 17:00-21:00 and Saturday 10:00-16:00.

Executive MBA’s motto

Developing skillful executives and exceptional leaders

Executive MBA’s Objective

It aims to be a successful incubator of managers and leaders of the future. It aims to create the managers’ next generation, according to international professional and scientific standards with focus on innovation, entrepreneurship and quality.

… If you set high goals for continuous success and honors, the Executive MBA is surely the Master degree program that will help you to achieve them.

– Professor Dimitrios Georgakellos, Director of Executive MBA

Executive MBA’s Experience

The experience of E-MBA is not limited to a complete and modern curriculum, but extends to teamwork, cooperation with enterprises, educational journeys to top international universities and development of the skills required for successful managers.

Faculty Level

E-MBA’s faculty members are well respected for their teaching and research and possess a wide range of management skills and experience. They are highly sought after as advisers to corporations and governments in Greece and abroad.


The application form and all relevant documents can be downloaded in electronic form and can be sent electronically to the program’s address.



Educational trips are organized to top international universities so that students come in contact with multinational enterprises, institutions, organizations and executives from international market.

In the 4th semester 1,000 Euros scholarship is provided based on academic performance.

In early July Summer courses with two electives are held outside of Athens.

The Program provides valuable assets both for those who aim for professional development and want to advance their current career path and for those who want to change it and switch or improve their career options.

The Program offers a complete and modern curriculum based on the current needs of the economy and businesses.

The Program has a wide range of business network offering company visits, workshops and events, researches and studying on real case studies.

The Executive MBA offers


The courses are organized based on the executives’ demanding needs

Unique Learning Experience

There is a wide range of professional background and work experience of the students attending the program

Business Network

Graduates have the advantage of gaining access and networking with a wide range of worldwide companies for the development and enhancement of their career

Program’s Brochure



From the educational community, the business world and our alumni career



The educational methods cultivate and encourage teamwork, cooperation and effective communication between students



Contacts with companies and organizations, educational trips abroad, participation in conferences and events

Graduates’ Testimonials & Photos

Read what our graduates say about E-MBA

  • It has been a leadership training, a personal growth and a professional development experience as well.

    Matoula Vasardani
    Client Management Team Coordinator, Private Banking, Credit Suisse, Switzerland
  • Leadership, collaborative, strategic thinking, discipline and confidence are just some of the elements that students develop through this program. It’s a fantastic life experience! “Sky is the limit”!

    Stavros Georgakopoulos
    Customer Team Logistics Manager South East Europe, Customer Planning Manager Greece, Procter & Gamble Hellas Ltd., 7th Series Graduate
  • It achieves not only to bring creatively practical examples from the entire spectrum of business, but it also makes students to play a role in specific operational and business situations and become decision makers within the faceted reality of modern enterprises.

    Panos Lolos
    Commercial Director, HALCOR, 4th Series Graduate
  • EMBA success is due to the fact that attracts managers with significant professional experience and helps graduates to understand further and broadly the way of running a business: how it is organized, how it is structured, how it is managed.

    Andreas Fousteris
    Financial Division, A.Manager, Piraeus Bank, 9th Series Graduate
  • There was a totally friendly environment and an excellent cooperation with the faculty, which has continued after my graduation.

    Kostas Kakaris
    Regional Marketing Manager for Switzerland & Italy, GAC, 7th Series Graduate
  • It was an unforgettable experience that has certainly contributed to a my career development.

    Vasiliki Damalou
    Commercial Head, Roza Hassad Qatar, 7th Series Graduate